Toys, Glorious Toys!

Welcome back Year One!

We have had a fantastic day to start off our new topic ‘Toy Story’. Children brought in a special toy from home and presented their toy to the class. We were blown away by posters, drawings and books the children have created about their toy. Here are some photos of your lovely children as proud as punch showing off their toys…

And my favourite photo of the day…




all snuggled up in bed in our new bedroom role play!




Jazzy Gymnastics!

Year 1 have been very lucky this term to have received the expert gymnastic teaching of Miss Bull, who has worked with the classes each Friday. The children have learnt to compose themselves like gymnasts; travel in a variety of ways; have learnt some new jumps; and have also learnt different ways of balancing. They got off to flying start and continued the hard work, learning that sometimes muscle work is more exhausting than cardio! Today was the last session and, as such, an opportunity to share their learning in a gymnastic sequence. Here are some photos of the children’s sequences.


What whizzy mathematicians!

Year 1 have been learning a lot recently. However, what they have really impressed us with recently is their developing maths skills! The children are starting to understand that there are different ways of representing a number and that we can do operations in reverse order. This week, they have wowed us with their sharing / grouping work. Keep it up, Year 1; Mensa awaits!



World Book Day!

The children had a fabulous day (even when the snow ruined our fun)! A big thank you to parents for providing some fantastic costumes – the children LOVED telling their class about their character and twirling around to show them off! A big thank you to the teachers who organised this special day and a big thank you to all the children for making Lakeside so special!



Polar Bear in Year One?

The children were shocked to enter their classroom to find it completely trashed! The children hunted for clues and soon realised a Polar Bear had been in there. They found lots of clues such as fur, footprints and broken tables! The children watched the news and saw our lovely caretaker talking to the reporters. They decided to follow the clues outside and found broken fences and claw marks! In Maths, we decided to measure the footprints using non-standard units of measure and compared our own footprints.



Herbivores, Carnivores and Omnivores!

Year One have LOVED learning about different types of animals found in the Polar regions. Year one loved investigating animal poo (chocolate brownie but shhhhh) to find out what type of animal it was! The children found all sorts and sorted the ‘poo’ into carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.