Uh Oh!


The children were shocked coming into school today when they saw flour everywhere. The children noticed some gingerbread men missing so we checked our CCTV! The gingerbread men had run away!! we decided to follow them to find out where they were. We saw lots of clues and followed a flour trail.  Finally we found crumbs in the staff room and a leg left on a plate! The cheeky teachers had eaten them – uh oh!!




Mmmmm Gingerbread Men!

Year One have absolutely loved designing and making gingerbread men. The children thought carefully about what they would look like if they were a gingerbread man! The children weighed out ingredients, mixed them together, baked them, decorated them and finally wrote a set of instructions so other people could make them. We hope they were tasty Year One!




Oh Crumbs!


“What would happen if the Gingerbread man fell in the water?”

The children investigated their question and absolutely LOVED watching the Gingerbread man disintegrate with magnifying glasses! The Children decided they needed to make a bridge for the Gingerbread man so first they looked at every day materials. The children loved sorting the materials into wood, plastic, paper and metal.


The children then tested the materials and made a bridge to see what material would be the strongest. The rooms were filled with giggles and laughs when the bridges collapsed into the water!







Welcome new Year One parents! Thank you to all who came to ‘Meet the Teachers’  on Wednesday. We have uploaded the PowerPoint and links for games to play at home. Please keep checking the blog regularly as we will post information, ideas and photos of the children as they grow in Year One. Let the fun begin!

Welcome meeting

Useful Websites for Parents


Year One team









The children absolutely LOVED Weston today! The Year 1 staff are so proud of Lakeside today! We played in the sand, went on donkey rides, went on the swing boats and finished our day enjoying an ice cream sitting on the beach! It was wonderful and a lovely ending to our fabulous Year 1!

Photos will follow in the next couple of days!



Thank you SO much to all parents/grandparents and carers who came in for our amazing vegetable morning in school! The children ABSOLUTELY loved having you there to create their own Supertato! We hope to use these Supertatos to create our own animations next week! Enjoy the pictures of a very busy morning! 🙂

Thank you again!





During our new topic we had a beautiful sunflower week! We labelled a sunflower and discussed functions of a sunflower. We researched the artist Vincent Van Gogh and created our own version of his Sunflower picture. During this week we even planted our own sunflowers and then wrote our own instructions! What a busy week!