Phonics Play

Get your child to practise their phonics on ‘PhonicsPlay’. Use the following link:https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/freeIndex.htm

Select ‘Parents’, then ‘Interactive Resources’

Click on ‘Phase 3’ phonics and let your child use some of the activities to consolidate their phonics knowledge, each week.


What a lot of learning!

What a busy start back to the year we have had… The children have resumed their learning with great enthusiasm and have learnt loads already. So far they have learnt:

  • how to say where we and things are, using positional language (left, right, above, below, inside, outside etc.)
  • how to create arrays to demonstrate “lots of” and use the multiplication symbol to show our findings in a number sentence
  • how and when to use “and” to join two words, clauses or sentences together
  • how and when to spell and use words that end with the suffix “-ing”
  • where England is in relation to the United Kingdom and Europe (as well as learning the names of the other continents)
  • that the earth has two Poles and an equator and where these are
  • the names for the body parts of a penguin and why they have these parts to survive
  • that ice is frozen water and different ways to melt ice
  • which materials float and sink and how to design a boat using this knowledge

and much, much more!

Look forward to hearing about an interesting experiment the children will carry out this week!


Welcome back!

Welcome back Year One! We have had a brilliant first week back after Christmas and have started to love our new theme!

Our new theme is called ‘Lost and Found’ – look out for the theme map in book bags next week.

Forest school will start again next week – you all should have had a letter in book bags. Please note that we will have one indoor slot for PE due to forest school 🙂


Uh Oh!


The children were shocked coming into school today when they saw flour everywhere. The children noticed some gingerbread men missing so we checked our CCTV! The gingerbread men had run away!! we decided to follow them to find out where they were. We saw lots of clues and followed a flour trail.  Finally we found crumbs in the staff room and a leg left on a plate! The cheeky teachers had eaten them – uh oh!!