PPT Parent Information Session

Thank you to all the parents who came to the Year One phonic session before half term.

Please see the link above if you did not make the meeting for more information.

The Phonic Screening Check will take place week commencing the 11th June, however children do not need to know they are taking it. We can complete the check any time in that week so please let class teachers know if your child is feeling a little unwell that day or did not sleep well!

The children have worked so hard in class to practise reading real and nonsense words so please keep practising over half term and the first week back at school. Carry on practising the phonic screening packs that were sent out weekly and keep making notes on any words/sounds your children are struggling with.

During the meeting we discussed ways in which you can help your child prepare for the check including:

  • practising past phonic papers
  • YouTube – Geraldine the Giraffe
  • YouTube – Mr Thorne does Phonics
  • phonic play (website)
  • Teach Your Monster How to Read  (app for tablet)

Enjoy the rest of your half term – see you Monday Lakesiders 🙂




A Royal Wedding!

What a lovely day we have had! The children enjoyed cake on the field this morning whilst listening to a fantastic piano rendition of God Save the Queen and enjoyed a dance and a play with the photo booth props later on. We’re very happy for Harry and Meghan and are so grateful they gave us an exciting day to celebrate!


A rocket landing!

What’s that we can see? That silver, shiny object on the field. A rocket, you say? And who’s that there? No, it can’t be…why, it’s Buzz Lightyear! I wonder where he and his spacecraft came from…




The children were introduced to timelines recently and created an age timeline from 0-10. The children looked and researched different toys and thought about how old you would be to play with them. They LOVED looking through the Argos catalogues!



Toys, Glorious Toys!

Welcome back Year One!

We have had a fantastic day to start off our new topic ‘Toy Story’. Children brought in a special toy from home and presented their toy to the class. We were blown away by posters, drawings and books the children have created about their toy. Here are some photos of your lovely children as proud as punch showing off their toys…

And my favourite photo of the day…




all snuggled up in bed in our new bedroom role play!




Jazzy Gymnastics!

Year 1 have been very lucky this term to have received the expert gymnastic teaching of Miss Bull, who has worked with the classes each Friday. The children have learnt to compose themselves like gymnasts; travel in a variety of ways; have learnt some new jumps; and have also learnt different ways of balancing. They got off to flying start and continued the hard work, learning that sometimes muscle work is more exhausting than cardio! Today was the last session and, as such, an opportunity to share their learning in a gymnastic sequence. Here are some photos of the children’s sequences.